Gas shales in Belgium?

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Gas shales in Belgium?

Shale gas and shale oil are turning the energy market upside down. They completely change the energy outlook for the USA and lead to a re-industrialisation of the USA. China is following, Russia fears the downward spiral of the gas price. What is Europe doing? Does geology stop at the borders, after all?

There is a vast amount of interest among the public, both for its seemingly unlimited economic potential and for the anxiety about the environment. Many groups in the civil society take a position in favour or against shale gas. The least one can say is that the opinions emitted so far and widely published in the media are premature: the first molecule of shale gas in Belgium is yet to find. The so-called shale gas reservoir rocks did not arise much interest until recent, and our state of knowledge is not of the same level as in neighbouring countries with a mature hydrocarbon industry. However, potential shale gas reservoir rocks are present, both at mineable depth and as outcrops which can serve as accessible analogs. So it is important to communicate about what exists and about the knowledge gaps from the geoscientific point of view. The public, the policy makers and the investors need to be informed in an unbiased way. That’s why the scientific association Geologica Belgica wants to converge all concerned geoscientists and professionals into an open meeting.

This symposium, to be held in Namur, the name-giver for the Namurian rocks, will be the first step to provide this service. Friday October 11th will be devoted to presentations and discussions on the state of the art in Belgium; Saturday October 12th will allow the visit of lower Namurian shales in (abandoned) quarries between Mons and Namur.

Organising committee

S. Vandycke (President Geologica Belgica), C. Cornet (UNamur), M. Dusar (RBINS), R. Swennen (KULeuven), E. Goemaere (RBINS), JP Tshibangu (UMons), E. Poty (ULG), JM Baele (UMons), B. Delcambre (UCLouvain), J. Yans (UNamur).

Scientific committee

Prof. Dr R. Swennen (KUL), Dr M. Dusar (IRSNB), Prof. Dr S. Vandycke (UMons), Prof. Dr J.-P. Tshibangu (UMons), Prof. Dr E. Poty (ULg), Dr E. Goemaere (IRSNB), Prof. Dr J. Yans (UNamur), Prof. Dr R. Littke, Dr. B. Krooss (RWTH), R. Vially (IFP), M. Zijp (TNO), Dr N. Riley (BGS), H. Kiersnowski (PGI & Polish Geological Survey), B. Laenen (VITO)

Registration fees

  • Students (including PhD students): 25 EUR
  • Members of Geologica Belgica / UBLG: 50 EUR
  • Others: 100 EUR

Account details

  • Account holder: Geologica Belgica asbl
  • Postal address: Rue Jenner 13, 1000 Brussels
  • IBAN: BE29 0682 1113 3964

For your bank transfer payment, please ensure that the following references appear: SHALE2013 + First & last names for each participant

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